4 Prominent Reasons to Invest in Sharjah

Investing in something could be tricky and quite confusing as there are various factors to look after before you make an investment. For example, nobody wants to invest their single penny in an economy that is regressive in nature. Therefore, before investing, you must keep factors like economic growth, tax system, and business opportunities in mind.

This is the reason why investing in Sharjah could be a life-changing decision for you, as the factors that influence its economy are in a favorable condition—still confused? If yes, then just have a look at these four prominent reasons explaining why you should invest in Sharjah.

Suitable For Investors

Before investing in any field, it is vital to look into the policies of that country regarding their investors. If the policies are not flexible enough, then you might not be able to reap the rewards to their best as the policies might restrict you in some areas. Practices the open-door policy for its invest in Sharjah, which means that the policies are mostly investor-friendly. To top it all, the registration process is also not complex, and you can register yourself within hours.

Furthermore, its national investment environment is drastically improving. Recently, there were some changes made in the Commercial Companies Law of UAE due to which foreign investors are heavily benefitted in terms of ownership of the companies. This also counts as a plus for investing in Sharjah.

It Has A Growing Economy Which Ensures Great Profits

Sharjah is a hub for shopping malls, educational institutes, cultural centers, and skyscrapers. With the growing economy, these malls, educational and cultural centers are growing even more. Thus, growing development in the city is a green flag to your investment as you will earn nothing but profit only if you decide to invest in Sharjah. Moreover, Sharjah is a tourist attraction place too, as it has wonderful and historical museums along with exquisite mosques. Also, most of the hotels are built on the waterfront, which is a great place to stay.

All these factors boost the economy of the tourism industry. Hence, investing in it could be much more beneficial as compared to other industries. Furthermore, with UAE’s investor-friendly approach registering yourself is not that big of a task. For instance, if you decide just now to invest in Sharjah, then the process of registration might just take a few days, and you can start right away once you are registered.

Tax Freedom

Oftentimes, tax duties are so heavy that people shy away from investing, and that’s the reason why nobody even thinks of investing in foreign regions. If you take a look at the taxation policies of the UAE, then you will find that they are quite moderate. In other words, it has some free zones that are totally tax-free. The purpose of introducing free zones was to attract foreign investment.

Furthermore, the free zones in Sharjah exempt the investors from import and export duties. This is probably the reason why companies with more than 157 nationalities have invested in it. Well, this certainly is good news for all the foreign investors as they do not lose a large pie of profit in sorting out the taxes of the country. In fact, if they do business in the free zones, then they are not at all liable to pay any kind of tax.

Location Plays Vital Role As It Is A Hub Of Numerous Business Activities

Sharjah is a mix of cultural and festive events as it has both vibes because of the religious places it has. Other than the religious places, it has historical places and museums as well. Moreover, if you only want to enjoy and have a fun weekend, then you can go to amazing waterparks too.

All in all, apart from shopping malls it has so many places where people can go and hence the city is always active. Due to this reason, all the events related to festivals are also organized in this city. Therefore, the GDP of this city is usually higher than the other cities of UAE. Moreover, it also has airports and seaports. So, if you want to invest in an import or export business, then it could also be favorable for you.


To conclude, it is safe to say that investing in Sharjah might come across as the best decision of your life in the future as it ensures profits. Not to mention, above are all the valid and important factors that one should look into before investing. Also, with flexible laws in regards to commercial companies’ investment and foreign investment, you can easily invest your money in Sharjah without worrying about the law and rate of return. However, if you want to play safe, then you can start by investing in the tourism industry of Sharjah, as it is a tourist attraction, so investing in it will not disappoint you.




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